14 Moments That Remind You How Single You Are

Being single comes with numerous perks, such as not having to share your snacks or telling someone where and when you want to go out with the girls. But, there are occasional situations in life that can make you feel like you’re forever alone. Here are 14 moments that most single people can relate to.

Being invited to an event and getting a plus-one


Going to someone’s wedding alone is not that big of a deal. Truly. It’s just kind of annoying (and slightly sad) when you have to send the RSVP card and inform the person that you won’t be taking anyone with you. Just one question – is it possible to bring a bottle of wine as a plus-one?

Catching a bouquet at the wedding



Oh, the dreaded moment when the ‘Single Ladies’ is blasting and you have to be all smiles at the prospect of catching a wedding bouquet. It doesn’t help when you see most women leave the dance floor and everyone starts staring at you in anticipation. Will she catch it or not? Probably not.

Your best friend gets a boyfriend


R.I.P to all the fun you two had together! Yes, you are happy for your friend, but you still don’t want to give your wing woman away.

Opening your kitchen pantry


Your pantry is in a state of complete chaos with ten bottles of wine you have there just in case and a variety of snacks. The fridge is filled with the takeout leftovers that you couldn’t finish, but just don’t want to throw away. Otherwise, the fridge would look like an empty field.

Recipes that are designed for two


You make a serious decision to cook a real meal, but all the recipes have the measurements for at least two people! Is it so difficult to just write the recipes keeping single people in mind, so you don’t have to be reminded of your relationship status? The only upside to this is that you will have enough leftovers for the next dinner. Oh well, you have to look on the bright side.

When yet another Facebook friend gets engaged


Another day, another Facebook notification that someone you barely know got engaged. Or they just had a baby! Their third baby.

When you are the only single one during the holidays


Valentine’s Day is the worst, but Christmas and Thanksgiving can also turn into constant reminders that you are not in a relationship. Like when you go home and you have to sleep on the kid-size bed in your former room while all the couples get the best spots. No, it’s ok, really. It’s fine!

Filling out an emergency contact on forms


Hm… there is your pregnant best friend. And a guy you sometimes talk to on Tinder. No, the best option is, of course, to write your mom’s name for the 100th time. And all you wanted to do was wax your eyebrows!

Talking to your mom


Your mom’s favorite activity it to remind you how much she wants to babysit her grandchildren. She likes to tell you that she won’t be around forever, and, in case you didn’t know, your mom already had two children when she was your age. Enjoying your single life in peace is just not going to work when you visit your parents.

Going on family vacations


All your siblings and cousins take their significant others and you are crammed on a plane somewhere between a screaming baby and a snoring old man. Your parents tell you to bring your friend, but finding one willing to go with you on a family getaway seems unrealistic.

When you find a spider in your house


There is no one else in the house to kill a spider for you or help you unclog the drains. It’s just you and this cruel world. Filled with dangerous insects and water that just won’t go down the sink.

Entering the fall season


Fall is the ultimate cuddle season for the couples, as the weather gets colder and all the new TV shows come out. Still, it’s no reason to be sad! You can spend your time picking out the most insane Halloween costume to put all the couples’ outfits to shame.

Dealing with clothes that are difficult to put on alone


Extra-tight body-con dresses or those with zippers on the back. How are you supposed to put them on without any help? It’s as if these clothes have to come with a boyfriend in the package. Luckily, you can always wear something else.

Horrible dates


You finally find someone who seems decent enough to go on a date with. Then, several minutes into your conversation, you realize that he won’t stop talking about himself. You start imagining yourself on the couch with a giant tub of ice-cream. Sometimes that’s the best alternative to a bad date.


Source: Cosmopolitan

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