20 Ways To Grow Healthy Hair, Fast And Easy!

19. Step away from the bleach

We’ve all felt the itch to go blonde at one point in our lives, but going from a dark color to a light blonde could be what is standing between you and those long luscious locks. Bleaching your hair damages the hair cuticles, which means more breakage and split ends. The fewer chemicals you can put on your hair, the better!

18. Quit with the ‘cleanses’

A ‘cleanse’ is something that is often advocated and advised by diet companies who tell you that a ‘cleanse’ will turn your life around. However, by following this advice you’re actually depriving your hair of the essential oils and nutrients that it gets from food. Just doing a weeklong ‘cleanse’ can lead to your hair growing slower and looking noticeably dull.

17. Use a silk pillowcase

Not only will this material feel nice and luxurious on your skin, but it is also super easy on your hair, helping it to avoid breakage and tangles.