12 Inspiring Weight Transformations Of Celebrities You Should See

We often drop upon stories about celebs who had to gain in weight or lose weight for a role. But we rarely drop upon stories about celebs who decided just to lose weight for themselves. Here we have 12 inspiring weight transformations of celebs you should see. Some of them really did it because of their job, but most just decided to take their bodies under control. Let’s take a look at the result and get inspired!

12. Adele

Despite the tabloids trying to pin Adele’s weight loss to her trying to fit Hollywood standards, the artist has denied these allegations saying that she honestly did it for her happiness. Whatever the reason she did it for, we would like to say congratulations to Adele! Now she looks stunningly hot and beautiful at the same time. Adele’s transformation remains our favorite celebrities weight before and after pic of all time!