12 Best Performances Of Tom Hardy On The Screen!

Let’s get warm with the 12 best performances of Tom Hardy. We could have literally rewrite the whole his filmography in here but had to stop on 12 positions. Tom Hardy is a high-class actor with a rather different range of performances. From dramas to actions. He professionally grows with every new part that is coming on screens. Moreover, we anxiously wait for it!

12. Dunkirk:


tom hardy dunkirk

A film epic on famous war events of 1940. He performs a pilot, who had a key part in the operation. Christopher Nolan created an interesting way of narration, dividing every story-telling by time. Tom Hardy literally plays here only with his eyes. Almost like in The Dark Knight Rises. He just wears another mask that covers half of his face.

11. Taboo:

James Keziah Delaney

tom hardy taboo

This TV series produced some noise for fans. The women part was certainly waiting for Tom being naked as they’ve seen on trailers, but… What a disappointment. He was almost naked. He plays an outrageous man, who’s come back after 10 years of absence and decides to create an own empire. There’s only 1 season for now, but creators assure that there gonna be two more. And we really hope there will be.