11-Year-Old Sensation. Look At His Hyperrealistic Portraits!

Публикация от kareem waris (@waspa_art)

Think back on the pictures you were drawing as an 11-year-old – we bet there were even some that you were really proud of, and some that you should have thrown away. Well, Kareem Waris Olamilekan, or Waspa as he is also known, has a talent that is going to blow your mind. While we were drawing stick figures and potato people, the 11-year-old draws hyperrealistic portraits, and they are stunning! His talents have not gone unnoticed and he is currently studying at the Ayowole Academy of Arts, with dreams of seeing his work displayed in galleries some day.

 Here is Kareem working on one of his pieces:

The young artist, from Lagos in Nigeria, is quickly becoming internationally recognized for his talents:

The ‘itty-bitty-artist’ studies at Ayowole Academy of Arts

He dreams of seeing his work in galleries and museums one day!

What a talented kid!