11 Instagram Pet Accounts You NEED To Follow Right Now!

Are you feeling a bit down? Did you have a bad day? Wallow no more! We have a list of the cutest, funniest, most adorable Instagram pet accounts, ready to brighten up your life. Get reading and following: these guys are just too cute to handle!

 1. @roccothepitbull

Pit-bulls seem to have received quite a bit of negative press recently, but Rocco is one dog who is about to change your mind about the breed and its stereotype as a ‘bully’.


 2. @chichirescuedog

Meet Chi Chi. She doesn’t let her physical challenges stop her from being one of the happiest dogs on Instagram.

 3. @thegoldenratio4

What’s better than a golden retriever, you ask? Well, how about five golden retrievers who live together?

 4. @ohhelloowen

Owen is a terrier-pitbull mix, and we need to give him cuddles, ok?

 5. @wafflenugget

We declare this support dog the cutest snuggle-pup-teddy-bear on the web – and we dare you to challenge us.

 6. @designerthesnake

Oh yes, the puppies are cute, but this snake wears hats and somehow still looks cool? Let’s give credit where it’s due!

 7. @lunapiglet

Luna is a piglet. Luna is the cutest pink creature you will ever lay your eyes on. Oh, and her best friend is a massive golden retriever!

 8. @drewbertcorgi

We’ve got a challenge for you: visit this account, then try to convince yourself that you don’t need a corgi in your life.

 9. @juniperfoxx

When you were growing up your parents may have told you that the Fox and the Hound wasn’t real and that no, you can’t have a pet fox! Well…what if we told you that they lied?

 10. @nala_cat

It would be rude to exclude our feline friends, especially when they are as cute as Nala! We are hypnotised by those big blue eyes.

 11. @white_coffee_cat

Last, but not least, we have Mr. White, the flawless kitty with a name that makes you think he belongs in a James Bond movie.


Source: The Odyssey