11 Facts About Facial Fillers You Must Know Before Getting Them

11. Not all fillers are created equal


With the advancements in dermatology today, there are many fillers that are produced but the saying still applies even here – “quality is better than quantity”. Most fillers are made of HA, which substance is naturally found in the body. HA is a natural glycosaminoglycan i.e. a type of sugar that is found in joints and eyes. Other fillers are made from materials such as, Radiesse which contains Calcium hydroxyapatite, Sculptra which is a manmade biodegradable polymer of Lactic acid. Bellafill is also another material through which fillers are made, it is not biodegradable and it is gotten from Cows.
Biostimulatory fillers are another type of cosmetic fillers. They produce an immediate effect, one reason being that they injected directly to the face. However, the purpose of Biostimulatory fillers is to speed up the growth of collagen in the area it is injected into to provide a long-lasting effect.

All types of HA fillers have different constituents although they have very similar chemical properties. Depending on how the molecular structure of HA fillers are combined, some HA fillers will break down quickly and noticeable effects will be seen quicker.
HA fillers like Restylane Lyft and Juvederm Voluma provide better effects for making your jawline fuller or may restore your cheeks volume.