10 Weirdest Celebrity Purchases



A quarter of a million dollars on champagne? This can happen if you are Jay-Z. Reportedly, this is how much the rapper spent on the Ace of Spades bottles at the LIV Nightclub in 2011.


Kim Basinger


Kim Basinger and her co-investors bought almost an entire town of Braselton, Georgia. The idea was to turn it into a theme park, but it failed and she had to sell it at a significant loss.


Nicolas Cage


Mr. Cage is known for his unusual spending habits. The actor bought a large dinosaur skull during an auction in 2007. It later turned out that the paleontologist selling the skull imported it illegally!


Kate Moss


Having an expensive vibrator is the next level of fancy. The supermodel owns a vibrator from Jimmyjane and it is made of 24k gold! Talk about expensive masturbation.


Lady Gaga



Are you surprised that Lady Gaga believes in ghosts? Probably, not. In 2011, the pop diva spent the whopping $50,000 on an electromagnetic field meter, which is used by ghost hunters. Reportedly, she takes it with her on tours!


Source: Cracked, Zimbo, Men’s Health