10 Weirdest Celebrity Purchases

Celebrities are known for their extravagant lifestyles, which is why we are normally not surprised when we hear about someone purchasing a mansion or an island. But, some stars go a step further and spend their money on the most bizarre objects. Here are some of the weirdest celebrity purchases that will make you shake your head.

Elton John


It’s obvious that Elton John loves to be surrounded by flowers. The singer spent more than $380,000 on flowers over the course of 20 months!

Arnold Schwarzenegger


The celebrity owns an M47 Patton Tank, which is the same as the one he drove in the Austrian army. Arnold can use it to crash things all day long!

Lil Wayne


The rapper spent an enormous amount of money on his diamond teeth. During his Jimmy Kimmel interview, Lil Wayne admitted that he brushes them with Colgate every day.


Nicolas Cage


Whether he is that much of a comics fan or not, Nicolas Cage definitely spent a lot of money on them. Who else can brag having a 1$ million worth of comic books?


Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson is no stranger to extreme purchases, which is why no one was too surprised to hear that the legendary boxer bought two endangered white Bengal tigers. That’s both extremely expensive and dangerous!