10 Tips To Start And End Your Day Like A Boss!


Routine is the most underrated thing! How you start and end your day can have a major impact on your productivity levels throughout the day, as well as your mood and general well-being. Get ready to start feeling motivated with these 10 tips to start and end your day like a boss:

1. Get Up On Time

There is nothing worse than waking up late, getting stressed and having to rush around. Make sure that you wake up on time in order to allow yourself a relaxing morning as this will impact your mood for the rest of the day. Take time to stretch, enjoy a proper breakfast and a shower.

 2. Eat Your Breakfast!

Break-fast. Breaking your fast is important in replenishing your energy levels and making sure that you get the best start to your day.

 3. Get In A Morning Workout

Exercise in the morning boosts your metabolism for the rest of the day – it also makes you immediately feel like you’ve done something productive which in turn makes you feel happy!

 4. Stop Complaining

Negativity breeds further negativity, so try to start looking at the more positive side of things. Firstly, no one wants to hang out with a negative Nancy, and secondly, you’re putting yourself into a cycle of bad moods!

 5. Listen To Motivating Music

Start your day with a playlist that makes you feel pumped to get things done and feel like a complete badass. Oh, and don’t forget to sing along!

 6. Make An Effort With Your Outfit

Take your time to pick out your clothes and get ready – every day seems to go better when you feel like you look your best.

 7. Smile

Smiling and laughing is proven to make you feel happy, even if you didn’t feel that way ten minutes beforehand. Is someone trying to wind you up? Take a deep breath, count to ten and smile at them. Not only will you be the bigger person, but the anger will dissipate faster and you’ll be able to deal with the frustrating situation with a clear head.

 8. Have Some Wine

Yep, we’re encouraging you to drink – outrageous right! Treating yourself to a little wine after a long day is no crime, and just one glass with dinner is guaranteed to make you feel a little bit lighter and happier about your day.

 9. Speak Your Truth

You don’t have to agree with what everyone else is saying – tell people what you really think! Even difficult truths can be spoken politely and with consideration. Once you start speaking your mind you’ll become more content and the burden will lighten.

 10. Keep Organised

Organisation is key to keeping on top of things, staying motivated and being productive. Whether it’s school work, home errands, or work work, writing a list of tasks and checking them off as they’re completed gives you a clearer idea of what needs to be achieved and a realistic idea of how to go about it.

Source: Boss Babe