These 10 Symptoms Might Mean You Have An Autoimmune Disease

There are a lot of autoimmune diseases at the moment. A few of the most common are rheumatoid arthritis and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, but there are almost 80 types more. As time goes by, they are becoming more and more widespread. If not discovered on time one can cause serious problems, up to death.


But you can prevent problems if you know the most common symptoms and check your condition from time to time. A little advice: in case you discover one or several of these, make an appointment with your doctor.

As practice shows, autoimmune diseases (AD for short) happen to women more often. The diagnosing process is hard, because most of them have very similar symptom pictures. To make it easier, write your symptoms down before you visit a doctor. You’re not getting any diagnosis at the moment you came in, so you’ll have to wait. But once you are diagnosed you have more chances to get the exact treatment you need. So, here are 10 common AD symptoms.