10 Shocking Ways People Have Smuggled Drugs Across Borders

Wow. So, people have been getting pretty creative with the ways they have smuggled drugs across country borders. Here are ten of the most unbelievable (and completely illegal) ways that people have managed to get drugs from one place to the other – you’ve got to give them props for thinking outside of the box!

10. Back in the good old days, pigeons were the bird of choice to send mail. But apparently now smugglers are using them to transport goods of a different kind! Authorities in Kuwait detained this homing pigeon found with 178 ecstasy tablets in his backpack. Yes, backpack.


9. This wheelchair was used by a 19-year-old at the U.S. – Mexico border, pretending to be disabled. As it turns out, the chair had actually been filled with marijuana.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection/AP