10 Scary Conditions That May Cause Nosebleeds

Our nose has numerous blood vessels that help the nose to function properly. But these vessels are very sensitive and can be easily ruptured and bleed easily.

We can experience two kinds of nosebleeds, the anterior kind of nosebleed which occur when the blood vessels in the anterior part of the nose are ruptured and begin bleeding or the posterior nosebleed that happens when the vessels at the deepest region of the nose are ruptured. The posterior nosebleeds are the most dangerous out of the two, where the blood from the deepest part of the nose starts leaking into the throat and may even go unnoticeable.

We can treat anterior nosebleeds by ourselves when we see it because they occur spontaneously and also stop quickly. They can be caused by picking of the nose, dry air, and in children because they can put foreign objects into their nose. However, if you notice that the bleeding isn’t stopping, you should immediately go to the hospital and get checked. When posterior nosebleeds occur, it is always very serious. So going to the hospital immediately after you noticed this is the best thing.