10 Hacks To Get You Free Food While You’re Travelling!

Travelling is quite the expensive hobby, so to make life a little easier (and cheaper), we’ve come up with 10 hacks to get you free food while you’re travelling!

10. Attend Events


Local events will often have food going for free, even if it’s just nibbles! Hell, if you drop by a gallery opening you may even find that you’ve scored yourself some free alcohol along with free food. Also, make sure that you pop into local and independent food stores as they often have samples up for grabs.

 9. Utilise Special Occasions


Signing up for restaurant reward programmes can often work in your favour; from freebies on your birthday to special deals on holidays, you’re sure to get something back. Even if you don’t sign up, be sure to mention to your waiter that you’re celebrating a special occasion, as this may get you a discount or some free food!

 8. Be Freegan


A lot of food is discarded before it’s technically unfit for consumption: in the freegan movement, people try to ensure that this food does not go to waste by dumpster diving. If you’re not down for dumpster diving, however, why not try out the LeftoverSwap app?

 7. Book a BnB


Make sure that your hotel provides breakfast: it’s the most important meal of the day! The food options here might not be too grandiose but they will give you a taste for the area you’re visiting as well as setting you up for a day of adventure without charging a fortune.

 6. Hit The Supermarket!


When planning for a trip, try your best to bring food with you, instead of buying it along the way or waiting till you get to your destination, as this is usually the cheaper option. If you also ensure that you book accommodation that provides kitchen access you’ll be cutting down on food costs immensely!