Check Out These 9 Secret Rooms Hidden Inside Famous Landmarks

These famous landmarks tend to be open for public access throughout the year, so we are given the opportunity to marvel at their awesomeness. But some of these landmarks hold secrets… Read on to discover 10 famous landmarks with secret rooms.

 9. The Eiffel Tower, France

The Eiffel Tower is indisputably one of the most famous landmarks in the world, and Paris welcomes millions of tourists a year flocking to view the masterpiece with their own eyes. But did you know that at the very top of the structure there is actually a secret apartment? Gustave Eiffel, an engineer of the structure, created the private space for himself inside the Tower in 1889. The recently restored apartment has finally been opened for public viewing, and is complete with mannequins of Gustave, his daughter, and Thomas Edison.

 8. The Statue of Liberty, USA

Another landmark that is recognized worldwide, the Statue of Liberty is climbed by tourists who wish to enjoy views of New York City. However, did you know that there is also a room inside the Statue of Liberty’s torch? Up until June 30, 1916, tourists were able to go into this room and view the city in panoramic. However, when the pier between Jersey City and Black Tom Island was bombed, debris from the explosion was embedded in the statue’s arm, thus making the torch room inaccessible.

 7. Mount Rushmore, USA

This iconic mountainside landmark depicts the four most famous presidents in US history: Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt. What many people don’t know is that, behind the forehead of Abraham Lincoln, there lies a secret room known as the Hall of Records. This room contains some of the USA’s most important documents.

 6. Waldorf Astoria, USA

This hotel is regarded as one of the most extravagant in New York, having hosted every sitting president, including Barack Obama. What many people might not know about this place, however, is that it harbors a secret train station, located beneath the hotel! This station was used by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in order to travel quietly from the presidential suite to Hyde Park, his childhood home. The station remains active today, and can be reached in minutes from JFK airport!

 5. Empire State Building, USA

If visiting New York City, the Empire State Building is a must-see and many tourists brave the climb to the observation deck on the 86th and 102nd floor. However, did you know that there is also another viewing platform on floor 103? You have to embark on a very interesting elevator journey – which shows the inner workings of the building –  in order to get there, but the knee-high ledge is open only to VIP guests and dignitaries.