These 10 Best Wedding Proposals Will Melt Your Heart! Watch!

It’s the summer of love! Let me advise you to go and grab your partner/best friend, along with a box of tissues (you’ll be needing them), as we’ve put together a list of videos of the 10 best wedding proposals on the net.

 10. The LDR Proposal

Long distant relationships sound romantic, but they can be a lot of hard work: unless you’re this couple.

 9. The Restaurant

This guy pulls out all of the stops in his surprise proposal (no, really, he does everything!), and she is completely blown away.


 8. Double whammy

A proposal is a big event, but a surprise proposal and a wedding on the same day? That is a sign of determination and dedication!


 7. “Marry You”

Was this the proposal video that started them all? This flash-mob performance went viral and there’s a good reason why.


 6. Graffiti

This time-lapse proposal is one of the most creative on the web. I wonder how he timed this to such perfection!


 5. Memes

This proposal was made possible by internet memes! Such a cute, funny and creative idea – I ship them.


 4. From first sight

This couple say that they knew straight away, and this magical proposal video proves it.


 3. Disney

This thoughtful Disney themed proposal will warm your soul and pull and your heartstrings: tissues at the ready!


 2. Underground magic

This proposal must have taken extra guts – people just start singing on the underground, and before you know it we’ve got a proposal on our hands!


 1. Home Depot

One more flash-jam proposal, because they’re awesome. This one is particularly epic as it took place in Home Depot!


Source: The Knot, The Stir, How He Asked